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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you Child Care Benefit/Child Care Rebate approved?

A. Our Tiny Tots® centre are all approved for Childcare benefit and rebates! For further support with the payment of childcare fees, the Family Assistance Office (FAO) has provided access to Child Care Benefits (CCB) and the Childcare Rebate

Please note it is your responsibility to apply for these schemes with the Family Assistance Office, please contact them on 13 61 50.

Links to further information:

Q. When do I pay my fees?

A. Our centre offers flexible payments of fees. All payments are taken of care via Debit Success. Our fees are payable one week in advance. For example: your child’s first week of care, two weeks fees with be debited

Q. Can my child and I have play dates before commencing care?

A. We welcome and encourage you and your child to attend play dates at our Tiny Tots® Early Learning Centres before commencing your start date.

We want to help make the settling in period as easy as possible — as new situations are often overwhelming for young children.

Please contact our Centre Directors to arrange a suitable time for you and your child to visit our Centre and meet our educators.

Our orientations and play date sessions are free of charge, however we do all enrolment documents to be returned and parents must stay on the premises.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of days my child has to attend the centre?

A. Yes, we believe children benefit attending childcare for 2 or more days a week. Children settle in quickly, the more frequently they attend. This supports your child to build strong trusting relationships with their educators and peers in the environment.


Q. Can I come for tour of the centre before deciding whether we enrol our child?

A. Yes, we welcome you to come and view the centre and ask questions.

Please call our Centre Directors to arrange a suitable time for you and your child to visit our Centre and meet our educators or you can request a tour.


Q. What is the process to enrol my child?

A. Please complete an online enquiry form or alternatively call your preferred Centre, and a team member will be in touch with you to walk you through the next steps in enrolling your child.

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