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Tiny Tots® Carrara Childcare

Welcome To Our Early Learning Centre

Tiny Tots Childcare Centers in Carrara

Welcome to Tiny Tots® Carrara Early Learning Centre. We are a 62-place centre that offers four rooms, caring for children, from 6 weeks old to 5 years. We also offer a pre-prep centre in Carrara, Australia, which is a place where your child will play, learn, socialise, and communicate with other children in a fun and safe environment.

Every room has a Group Leader. The Group Leaders plan weekly and daily activities, creating learning experiences based on your child’s interests and in line with the Belonging, Being and Becoming Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to enhance and develop your child’s learning.

At our pre-prep child care centre in Carrara, children initiate and contribute to their own learning experiences that emerge from their interests and ideas.

The weekly curriculum at the daycare pre-prep centre includes Japanese lessons, dance classes and First Aid training. These classes enhance the children’s learning and development in a fun, interactive and relaxed environment.

Extra activities such as Soccer, and Dance and Music lessons are offered however extra fees do apply.

childcare pre prep centre in carrara
Experiences and Opportunities

Experiences and Opportunities

The children engage in many indoor and outdoor activities for preschoolers, with some of the outdoor activities including water and sand play, and gardening which involves looking after their own little vegetable patch and sports.

Educating children about how to care for their environment and the world around them at the Carrara daycare education centre is a vital part of our curriculum. We also provide a home corner and dramatic play area which come alive as the children love to engage in many make-believe and real-life role-play scenarios.

An endless variety of arts and crafts, music, and dance and along with much more is offered to the children to encourage their creativeness to grow and flourish.

‘’We would like to thank you all for the amazing care you have provided Tyler and I know he will miss you’’


Funded Kindergarten Program

Funded Kindergarten Program

We follow the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines to provide your children the best possible education and learning through play-based opportunities in a holistic surrounding which promotes and nurtures each and every child’s agency and pedagogy

‘’We love everything about Tiny Tots. The care the kids are given is amazing. Kerry and the staff are all exceptional. Thank you so much! You and your team have been amazing it is very sad for us. We rate tiny tots so highly’’

Danina- Seniors room

Qualified Teachers and Educator

Qualified Teachers and Educator

Tiny Tots Carrara Childcare has a qualified Preschool teacher, who plans and delivers a weekly curriculum in line with the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. Daily activities include creative learning experiences based on your child’s likes and interests, whilst developing and nurturing our sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Since my work hours are super erratic and also working from home for our own business that isn’t profitable yet keeping costs down is really important and it’s so amazing that you and Management understand this for us parents, bless you!

Jessica, C- Juniors

Planning and Programming

Planning and Programming

Our educators plan and program towards your child’s learning and development. Staff support the children to build on these skills, which in turn enables the children to learn to cooperate with others, express ideas and investigate problem solving skills and solutions. This of course is all learnt through play based interactions and through the child’s interests, abilities and ideas.

Tiny Tots® uses an interactive app called Story Park, this provides parents with the opportunity to log on and access information about your child’s day, as well as enabling parents to communicate directly with our group leaders whenever required. This is a great communication tool allowing for all conversations to flow  about your child’s learning and development between parent and the educator.

What’s included and Things to Bring

Some of our key inclusions are:

Meals provided are Nutritionally balanced. There is a menu for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and caters to different dietary needs.

Centre enrolment pack

Parent handbook


Sheets and Blankets

Storypark app

Free extra-curricular activities


Things to bring:

Please bring a drink bottle– we will ensure your child has access to water all day!

Please provide spare clothes-we have lots of fun and may get messy!

Please provide nappies/undies: Specially if toilet training

Provide your child with their favourite comforter (if required) – we will ensure your child is safe and secure and has a rest time.

Put sunscreen on your child when they arrive – we will put it on throughout the day!

Bed sheets supplied (where required) they are changed and washed daily, so every child get a clean bed every day.

Please ensure everything is labelled up.

There is an effective enrolment and orientation process, allowing the staff to find out more about your child and get to know their routine and needs, we ensure parents that their child is staying healthy and safe in childcare.

Outdoor Area

The children engage in many indoor and outdoor experiences and activities, such as water and sand play, the children are involved in gardening and looking after their own little vegetable patch and learn to care for their environment and world around them. Our home corner and dramatic play area comes alive as the children engage in many make-believe and real-life role play scenarios. An endless variety of arts and crafts, music and dance and much more is offered to the children to allow their creativeness to grow and flourish.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Star Bright Singing

Sing, Learn & Grow Together!!! PRE SCHOOL & KINDER LESSONS: WHAT: Help the development of your child’s literacy and numeracy skills with singing lessons which focus on fun and learning. Lessons also include musical instruments which will help improve their gross and fine motor skills. We also incorporate drama and dancing into the lessons.

WHO: Classes available for children of ALL AGES including babies! WHERE: The group classes will be made available through your local kindergarten by request and subject to minimum numbers. Private singing lessons and group lessons also available in Carrara.

WHEN: Classes run classes weekly during the QLD school terms. Carrara Pre-Prep has their lessons every Wednesday at 9:30am.

WHY: Let’s face it children LOVE singing and music. Research shows that music not only brings them joy, but it also helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence. Singing also helps them develop social and emotional skills.

COST: $10 per student per half hour group singing class. Under 2 years of age $6 per student per 15-minute class. If it is the whole class together there is a discounted rate available, please contact me for a quote (minimum numbers required). 

Little big sports- Soccer

We offer families to select soccer as an extra-curricular activity to provide their child with a range of different experiences. Soccer is offered as a free trial to all new children, then $10 weekly on a Thursday morning if your child would like to participate. Soccer teaches your child a range of ball skills, develops their gross motor development, and encourages children to work as a team. This is a great experience for all children involved.


We offer Japanese lessons for free every Friday morning. One of our educators is from Japan and teachers the children about their culture, food, language and art. The children immerse themselves into the language and develop a lifelong knowledge on a beautiful culture within the world. Miss Nori is our Japanese teacher, and she has a passion for children, education and providing children with new and exciting experiences.

Music lessons

Every Monday we have an educator come to visit us to teach us music. Miss Hannah is a qualified music educator and loves sharing her passion with the children. She teaches them basic skills on a guitar and sings lots of fun songs with them. The children really enjoy these lessons, and it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in music.


close up shot of crayons